Escrow Funds

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All escrow accounts are set up "FBO" in an FDIC insured institution. Interest bearing accounts are an option and you can have a "View Only" login to track your funds. We do require good and immediate funds by wire transfer or ACH.

Required Documentation:
You must provide the following to open an account:
* Signed/notarized Escrow Agreement
* Copy of your contract or agreement

Below are examples of Fund Holding accounts:
(If your situation is not listed, don't worry, call us to discuss and quote your particular transaction)

* Business Purchases
*MMJ Business Purchases 
*Non-Title Insurance Closings
*Insurance Proceeds held for repairs
*Constructions Draws
*Lease Payments
*Private Lender Escrows
*Court Order funds/disputes
*Surrogacy funds 
*Government contracts

(Clients of InvEscrow Services are required to consult their own legal and/or tax advisor before entering into agreements with InvEscrow Services. We do not provide legal and/or tax advice)